Just Say No To Slow Play

You might be a slow player if…

            • You use a rangefinder on your chips and putts
            • You are never ready when it’s your turn
            • You sit in the cart at the tee until it’s your time to hit
            • Your group is in their cart and you’re still practicing putting
            • You look for a lost ball for more than 1 minute
            • You have to shave between nines
            • You hit another ball after a poor shot
            • You are yelled at by the group behind you
            • You are using a cell phone while playing
            • You don’t respect other players time
            • Your friends call you “Tortuga”
            • You are “The One” everyone complains about!

“If you have something you want to add about being a slow player, send it to us. If we like it, we’ll send you a free hat!”

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